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Perspective Of Elderly People Using Integrative Health Practices: A Qualitative Study

Introduction • Integrative health practices are extensively used in addition to pharmacologic treatments by elderly individuals who has chronic diseases to relieve or overcome symptoms. Methods • This qualitative study was performed on 12 elderly individuals with the aim of determining the reasons for the use of integrative health practices and identifying their thoughts regarding these practices. Face to face interview method was used for data collection. Data were collected with information forms that include informations about elderly individuals and semistuctured interview forms. All interviews with elderly individuals are made with in-depth interview method. The data was evaluated using qualitative content analysis. Results • As a result of in-depth interviews, three main themes and eight sub-themes were identified, with the main themes being the feelings before using integrative health practices, the sources of information, and the experiences after use. The majority of the individuals reported that they used integrative health practices due to feelings of helplessness/hopelessness, depression and fear; that their sources of information were not professional sources; and that, in the end, the majority of them experienced negative emotions. It can hence be recommended that healthcare personnel should carefully evaluate the elderly. Conclusion • In this study; It is determined that elderly individuals were using integrative metods in addition to pharmacologic methods for symptom management. It can hence be recommended that healthcare personnel should carefully evaluate the elderly in geriatric assessment.

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