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2021 Conference Calendar


Functional Medicine Advanced Practice Modules®(APM) Immune 2021
February 19-21, 2021—Live Online
This course will focus on chronic inflammation, systemic influences on the immune system, and the consequent dysfunction that may ensue. The Immune APM will supply you with an in-depth understanding of underlying immune mechanisms and enable you to develop effective interventions even in the absence of a conventional diagnosis. For more information, please visit https://www.ifm.org/learning-center/

Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice® March 2021 (AFMCP) Online
March 1- May 30, 2021—Online Course
Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP) synthesizes the latest medical research with a model of care that integrates each patient’s individual history, genetics, and lifestyle factors. AFMCP equips clinicians to design effective, personalized treatments for each patient. The same comprehensive educational content offered at the in-person conference is delivered to you digitally, at your own pace. Using a combination of interactive video lectures, case studies, online activities, quizzes, and live events, experienced Functional Medicine clinicians teach participants how to use IFM’s tools to improve outcomes for patients with chronic diseases. For more information, please visit https://www.ifm.org/learning-center/

The Forum for Integrative Medicine
March 5-7, 2021—Online Event
TFIM will present the 2021 Navigating Recovery in Complex Chronic Illness as an online course. For more information, please visit https://forumforintegrativemedicine.org/

ICIM Spring 2021
March 10-14, 2021—Marriott East Memphis, Tennessee
ICIM’s Endocrine Ecosystem: Balanced Hormones and Reduced Toxicity for Patient Health and Happiness. For more information, please visit http://icimed.com/conferences/

Master Practitioner Live Online Workshop
March 19-21, 2021—Live Online
Join online for this three-day event. Day one discussing Organic Acids, Day two Health Implications of Toxin Exposure - Mold and Non-Metal Toxicants, Day three The Inflammatory Basis of Disease. For more information, please visit https://www.gplworkshops.com/

New Hope for Binge-Eating Disorder and Food Addiction - A Functional and Integrative Model for Recovery
March 20-21, 2021—Online Symposium
Join us to explore the research, clinical challenges, and controversies associated with Binge-Eating Disorder (BED) and food addiction, and discover an evidence-based functional medicine approach to treatment. The presentations in this symposium will give clinicians the tools to better support patients in mastering balance, and relinquishing shame and guilt associated with these conditions.  For more information, please visit www.BingeEatingSymposium.com. 

EHS 2021 Conference
April 14-April 17, 2021—Online Event
Save the Date for the Environmental Health Symposium 2021 “Toxic Metal Effects: Diagnosis & Treatment”. Metal toxicity is an underlying cause of immune dysfunction, diabetes, cardiovascular disease & autoimmunity.  Learn how to test and treat these ubiquitous toxicants at EHS 2021 in Tucson, Arizona.  For more information, please visit http://environmentalhealthsymposium.com/

30th Clinical Applications for Age Management Medicine
April 15-18, 2021—National Doral Miami, Miami, Florida
This four-day CME event promises to create a positive shift in your practice and your patients’ health, whether you’re adding our medical specialty to your existing practice, expanding your current age management practice, or wanting to learn how to become certified in age management medicine. For more information, please visit https://agemed.org/cme-conferences/

Psychiatry Redefined presents Low-Dose Lithium - The Mineral as Medicine
April 17-18, 2021—Online Symposium
Psychiatry Redefined is excited to announce that we are hosting an online symposium dedicated to the use of low-dose lithium as a safe, integrative treatment for psychiatric and neurological disorders. This first-of-its kind, international, online symposium will review the evidence-based use of low-dose lithium for treatment of psychiatric and neurological disorders.  For more information, please visit www.LithiumSymposium.com

A4M Spring Congress 2021
April 23-24, 2021—Diplomat Beach Resort, Hollywood, Florida
You are invited to join the leaders in advanced anti-aging medicine at A4M Spring Congress 2021. Through interactive lectures and advanced educational opportunities grounded in breakthrough clinical research and analysis, this renowned anti-aging conference will empower clinical practitioners to lead at the forefront of modern medicine with clinical authority and confidence. Taking place on April 23 & 24 at the Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood FL, Spring Congress 2021 will administer the latest clinical educational available through an advanced learning ecosystem that centers a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare. Join Spring Congress 2021 and further develop your clinical ability to provide patients with real, transformative results.

Joint American Homeopathic Conference
April 23-25, 2021—Hyatt Regency, Reston, Virginia
Save the date for the 16th Annual JAHC. Each year the Joint American Homeopathic Conference (JAHC) brings together the world’s premier homeopathic teachers and thinkers as presenters. For more information, please visit https://www.homeopathycenter.org/

Integrative Medicine Summit 2021
May 5-7, 2021—Virtual Learning
Integrative Medicine Summit 2021: Clinical Challenges and Solutions brings together physicians, researchers, experts, and authors for 3 exciting days of exploring integrative health. The 100% virtual conference will feature speakers including Andrew Weil, MD, Valter Longo, PhD, and Sandra Hassink, MD, and cover immunology and infectious diseases; neurology and brain science; and other hot topics in integrative medicine. For more information, please visit https://ims2021.arizona.edu/

AAMP Advanced Infectious Disease Management –Available Live and Online
May 21-23, 2021—DoubleTree Resort by Hilton, Scottsdale, Arizona
This CME event will focus on the clinical management of people suffering from chronic infectious diseases. AAMP will look at this often-perplexing clinical area from the point of view of "stepping above" the labels ("Lyme", "EBV", "Candida" etc.) and delve into the reasons these patients often do not improve. Areas such as immune disrupters, comorbidities, enhanced assessment strategies and integrative therapies will be covered. For more information, please visit https://aampconferences.com/

IFM Annual International Conference
June 3-5, 2021—Location To be announced
Celebrate the 30th anniversary of IFM at next year’s annual international conference! Join us June 3- 5 for AIC 2021 as we reflect on the progress the IFM and the functional medicine movement have made over the years and present new opportunities for optimizing the health and wellness of our populations. AIC 2021 will explore the critical advancements in the field of medicine with relevant clinical applications backed by the latest evidence-based research. For more information, please visit https://www.ifm.org/learning-center/2021-annual-international-conference/

Hormone Advanced Practice Module®(APM) 2021
June 9- 11, 2021—Online Course
This Functional Medicine Advanced Practice Module will clarify exactly how to approach hormonal dysregulation, with discussions on the most important evaluations to make and integrative treatment approaches to apply. We will help you analyze the controversies and provide you with tools that you can use immediately in your practice. Our expert faculty team will supply you with the foundational background, insight, and in-depth clinical thinking to confidently assess and treat patients who present with hormonal dysfunction. This program will provide a unique, experiential, case-based, clinically practical experience from which you will acquire the tools you need to apply a comprehensive Functional Medicine approach to hormone dysfunction in your patients. For more information, please visit https://www.ifm.org/learning-center/

10th Annual OncANP Naturopathic Oncology Conference
June 11-13, 2021—The Westin Harbour Castle, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians (OncANP), a professional association of naturopathic physicians who offer supportive healthcare for people who have been diagnosed with cancer. Join the OncANP for their tenth annual conference. For more information, please visit https://oncanp.org/

AANP 2021 Annual Convention
July 15-17, 2021—Arizona Biltmore, Phoenix, Arizona
The AANP 2021 Annual Convention is being held July 15-17, 2021 as a new, hybrid conference, offering the naturopathic community a chance to gather and reflect on the roots of naturopathic medicine and prepare for its transformational impact on patient care in our current pandemic environment. The AANP 2021 Annual Convention theme is “Leading with Innovation and Transformation,” and will teach and showcase the clinics, research, philosophies, innovations in protocols and tried and true treatments that make and leverage naturopathic doctors as transformative innovators. For more information, please visit https://naturopathic.org/

Functional Medicine Advanced Practice Modules® (APM) Bioenergetics (Formerly Energy) 2021
August 6-8, 2021—Online Course
Energy drives all biologic activity—within individual atoms and molecules, as part of cellular physiology, up through organ-system and whole-person functioning, and, ultimately, the entire biosphere. The last 20 years have brought us dramatic breakthroughs in understanding about how mitochondria work and what they require for enduring optimal function. Genetic and epigenetic vulnerabilities have been discovered; the effects of toxic environmental exposures on energy production have been revealed; and connections between dysregulation in energy production and many clinical conditions have been described. For more information, please visit https://www.ifm.org/learning-center/

12th annual Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Conference
August 26-29, 2021—Atlanta, Georgia
Integrative Medicine For Mental Health (IMMH) Invites You To Attend Our 12th Annual IMMH Conference In Beautiful Atlanta, GA & Live Online. For more information, please visit https://www.immh2021.com/

19th Annual Restorative Medicine Conference
September 9-11, 2021—Online Event
The Annual International Restorative Medicine Conference is the original and still the biggest conference that AARM offers. Physicians and other health care providers from many disciplines and countries come together for three days of intensive multi-track education sessions. The virtual event titled Practical Clinical Skills in Neurology—Treatment Using Peptides and Stem Cells. For more information, please visit https://restorativemedicine.org/

AAMP Advanced Integrative Oncology –Available Live and Online
September 24-26, 2021—DoubleTree Resort by Hilton, Scottsdale, Arizona
Focus on the clinical management of patients desiring integrative and naturopathic oncology care. Specific information regarding care of patients during active chemotherapies and radiation as well as recovery from those interventions will be covered. Integrative strategies for any patient with cancer using nutrigenomic assessment, dietary intervention and natural therapies will also be covered. We will have five cancer specific modules on the most common cancers seen in practice (breast, prostate, lung, colon and brain) given by experts in those areas. For more information, please visit https://aampconferences.com/

2021 AIHM People Planet Purpose Annual Conference
October 14-17, 2021—Hilton, San Diego, California
Our annual event features three and a half engaging days of integrative health and medicine education, interprofessional collaboration, self-care, networking, and inspiration. Join our community of physicians and healers at the 2021 AIHM Annual Conference! For more information, please visit https://aihm.org/conference/

AAEM Fall Meeting
October 14-17, 2021—DoubleTree by Hilton Mission Valley, San Diego, California
The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) is hosting their 56th Annual Fall Scientific Meeting, titled Immunity, Inflammation, and Autoimmunity in Humans.  The AAEM has identified through various assessment tools that there is a strong need to education clinicians on the causes, mechanisms, and consequences of the inflammatory consequences of immune-mediated hypersensitivity, including post-viral and autoimmune illness. Autoimmune diseases represent at least 80 illnesses that share a communal pathogenesis: an immune-mediated attack on the body's own organs. As the human body reacts to its environment - including the diet - adverse reactions occur. The immune system may be provoked to create inflammatory consequences, which can damage any organ, tissue, and cell. For more information, please visit http://aaemconference.com/

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