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Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, May/Jun 2011


Lost in a Lost World
William Benda, MD


Prospective Trial of Equine-assisted Activities in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Janet K. Kern, PhD; Charles L. Fletcher; Carolyn R. Garver, PhD; Jyutika A. Mehta, PhD; Bruce D. Grannemann, MA; Kandice R. Knox, MHA; Theresia A. Richardson, BS; Madhukar H. Trivedi, MD

Is There More to Yoga Than Exercise?  
J. Andy Smith, MA; Tammy Greer, PhD; Timothy Sheets, PhD; Sheree Watson, PhD

The Effect of Reflexology on the Autonomic Nervous System in Healthy Adults: A Feasibility Study
C. M. Hughes, PhD; S. Krirsnakriengkrai, PhD; S. Kumar, MD, MPhil; S. M. McDonough, PhD

Relationship Between Dysfunctional Breathing Patterns and Ability to Achieve Target  Heart Rate Variability With Features of “Coherence” During Biofeedback
Rosalba Courtney, ND, DO; Marc Cohen, MBBS, PhD; Jan van Dixhoorn MD, PhD

Effect of a Single-session Meditation Training to Reduce Stress and Improve Quality of Life Among Health Care Professionals: A “Dose-ranging” Feasibility Study
Kavita Prasad, MD; Dietlind L. Wahner-Roedler, MD; Stephen S. Cha, MS; Amit Sood, MD, MSc


A Systematic Review of the Evidence for the Effectiveness of Dance Therapy
Juliane K. Strassel, Msc; Daniel C. Cherkin, PhD; Lotte Steuten, PhD; Karen J. Sherman, PhD; Hubertus J. M. Vrijhoef, PhD


Physiological Study of Surya Namaskar, A Yogic Practice
Biswajit Sinha, MSc, MPhil, PhD; Uday Sankar Ray, MSc, PhD; Tulika Dasgupta Sinha, MSc, MPhil, PhD


William Rea, MD: Improving Lives Through Environmental Health


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