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A Case Study on Preoperative Acupuncture in Reducing the Risk of Operation

Yuan Gao, MD; Xinling Lu, PhD; Weidong Shen, PhD; Qiuyu Tong, MD; Yue Yong, PhD

The present study investigated the role of acupuncture as a pretreatment prior to surgery. The 72-y-old female was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer and suffered from severe anxiety before the operation. The blood pressure of the patient was elevated due to anxiety. With concern regarding the potential risk of planned surgery, the operation was cancelled. Alternatively, acupuncture was used to reduce her blood pressure and relieve the anxiety. Later on, the patient was examined by an anesthetist, who confirmed that the operation could be carried out as planned. Thus, acupuncture is a promising add-on treatment that may stabilize the condition of patients during surgery.

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